Tahmoures Pournazeri & Sahar Boroujerdi

Concert-Performance ‘Baz Amadam’

Tahmouras Pournazeri will perform the “Baz Amadam” concert with Sahar Boroujerdi, which can be considered a performance-concert, on the 11th of Tir (July) at Saadabad Palace in Tehran.

The music of this performance is based on traditional Iranian music, tambour music, contemporary music, combined with classical and electronic music, and the story of each song will be performed by a dance group.

In “Baz Amadam,” Bardiya Kiaras will accompany as a maestro. Kiaras has been performing as a conductor and composer for years.

In addition to Kiaras, Tina Jamegarmi (violin), Mehdi Manadi (viola), Makhan Khooinizhad (cello), Ramin Darastani (bass), Arian Rezaee, and Ali Ghanbari will play.

Tehmouras Pournazeri composed and directed this piece himself and will perform vocal pieces along with Sahar Boroujerdi.

The quartet arrangements for this program were done by Pournazeri, Kiaras, and Arash Salami, and the electronic arrangements were done by Darastani.

In this concert, a 16-member group will narrate the story with the choreography by “Pegah Niaei.”